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Grease Monkey Detailing is more than just a name; it's a reflection of our founder's lifelong journey into the world of automotive excellence. Meet J.D. Reed, the driving force behind our commitment to transforming vehicles into pristine works of art. Growing up as the son of an auto mechanic and hotrod racer, J.D. was exposed to the intricacies of automotive engineering from a young age. He helped his father build a hotrod in their family garage, igniting his passion for all things automotive.

While J.D. possessed the mechanical know-how, his heart led him toward the artistry of automotive detailing. He honed his skills as a detailing apprentice, specializing in the cleaning and care of large vehicles and even running the detailing department for a tow truck manufacturer. His dedication to perfecting the appearance of vehicles led him to seek inspiration and expertise from renowned master detailer Renny Doyle. After rigorous training and certification, J.D. emerged as a certified Detailing Success detailer and paint correction specialist, setting the stage for the birth of Grease Monkey Detailing, LLC.

Today, Grease Monkey Detailing stands as a testament to J.D. Reed's passion for the automotive world and his unwavering commitment to excellence. With a strong foundation in automotive mechanics and a deep love for vehicle aesthetics, our founder has created a company that brings top-notch detailing services to your doorstep. Every car we touch is a canvas for us to work our magic on, ensuring that it leaves our care looking and feeling its absolute best. Experience the journey of grease monkey detailing with us, where your vehicle becomes part of our story, and together, we drive toward excellence.


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