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Recondition II

Recondition II


  • Hand Wash
  • Clean Wheels and Tires
  • Dress Tires and Wheel Wells
  • Clay Exterior Paint
  • 1 Step Polish
  • Apply Wax
  • Clean All Glass and Mirrors


  • Vacuum Interior
  • Steam Clean Dash and Cup Holders
  • Wipe and Clean Door Panels
  • Dress Interior
  • Clean Carpets (Light Cleaning)
  • Clean and Condition Leather*
  • Clean and Wax Door Jambs


  • All Interior Services
  • All Exterior Services
  • Lower Overall Cost
  • *1 Step Polish Corrects 50–60% of Minor Surface Flaws
  • *Upgrade Paint Sealer: $50 (Lasts 8–12 Months)


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